2023 brings significant changes in Washington. While Democrats remain in charge at the White House and in the Senate, Republicans are the new majority in the House. This will mean a change in direction on many issues of concern to the alarm industry and a need for us to educate new players and cement our relationship with some old supporters. We need your support now to allow us to continue to build upon the relationships that we have established and to introduce our concerns to new legislators. Currently, there are nine new Republicans on the Energy and Commerce Committee and a new Ranking Republican Ted Cruz (R-FL) on the Senate Commerce Committee. Please consider donating to the AICC PAC.

As we saw during the last Congress, policy makers understand and respond to us when we present our concerns to them directly. Having the financial resources to help get in front of lawmakers and educate them about the key role we play in the public safety network and the impact of legislation on ability to affectively protect their constituents is critical to our efforts. In 2022, we learned that once we presented our case, policy makers responded positively to our message on several issues including the 3G sunset, privacy legislation, and Right-to-Repair legislation.

To donate, mail a personal check made out to AICC PAC to: 
7918 Jones Branch Road, Suite 510
McLean, VA 22102

As an AICC member, you no doubt understand why individual and community-wide support is so critical to help solidify policies that benefit the industry and those we protect. We need your help to make a strong case.

Thank you for any past contributions* you’ve made, and we are grateful for your consideration and renewed support of AICC and the security industry community.

*Note – Contributions to the AICC PAC must be made with personal funds and cannot be reimbursed by your company. There is a $5,000 limit per person, per year to a PAC.